The war Between happiness and life goals.

Why is it always black or white, ether you are happy or you’re not?
Okay, I know it’s rather an uncomfortable subject, but hear me out through this blog okay. I read very carefully a blog that Chris Degenaars a man that has been living alone for almost 8 months that he wrote. He went on and talked about his experience and how hard it is to be alone, But at the same time it was a great experience that he started founding himself and building good self-awareness, I work on and still working on independent happiness, he even encouraged the readers of his blog to go and do whatever it takes to chase happiness not only happiness but creating your happiness without relying on external factors.

prisoner of happiness

-Why chasing happiness?

While reading, it hit me why the hell, to say the least, should we chase happiness I mean, right he has a point we should find ourselves and be happy. But the main goal came on. What I think is that from the moment we start understanding, asking and building ourselves every one tells us to chase happiness, Okay, could you tell me why??? mister wise man!! Let me make myself clear maybe this is lit too much, I don’t have a problem with happiness, it’s just my humble opinion to chase what you could make of yourself if you did every thinks that you think will make you a better version, that is the main goal for me. Happiness comes in second place.

Do you dare to tell me our yourself that it never happened to you to feel happy whiteout any reason or the opposed?

I will tell you my opinion, we are here to chase our dream that’s it if you stop dreaming good luck feeling happy, and please tell us all about it. But if you still breathing you should pursue something bigger than your happiness with all due respect is not a goal because you are going to safer no matter where you are or what you are doing. And if you are doing the right thing you will suffer more but for a good cause.

Ask yourself honestly and with the willingness to know the answer: will your life be any better if you chase happiness ? or would you be happier if you achieve your infinite goals time after time?

I know a lot of hypocrisy right?

As I said I am not against happiness, people I am against that you make your ultimate goal to be happy, between me and you, don’t tell anyone I think chasing happiness is pathetic.

I want you to get the point happiness is a result that comes from chasing a meaningful goal it is not the goal.

Ultimate happiness does not exist.



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